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What do you get when 15 Ontario food trucks ends up in the backyard of one of VQA’s most esteemed wineries? Food Truck Eats at Peller Estates Winery for the BIGGEST gathering of food trucks in Canada. Ever.

{Complimentary glass of Peller Estates Iced Cuvee Rose in a souvenir glass}

My mom and I were lucky to score tickets for this event which was sold out for for both Sunday and Monday. For my American and International readers, this past weekend was a long one with Victoria Day yesterday (Monday) and the weather was incredible. It was like the hottest day in summer each day this weekend…like July in May. The perfect type of day for waiting in line – which I’m starting to realize is the name of the game when it comes to food truck events (which we quickly learned at our first Food Truck Eats event). I should make myself clear though…the food is SO WORTH THE WAIT!

The place was seriously packed with food and wine lovers alike. Some people came really prepared – blankets for the grass, umbrellas to block the sun, sun hats (which we should’ve brought) and sunscreen – and it was interesting to hear about different strategies for how people were going to get to the most trucks. Most came in groups of 2-4 and they would split up into different food truck lineups, or to get drinks and then reconvene relatively at the same time.

My mom and I decided we didn’t want to get full too quickly so our “strategy” was to just wait in line, one at a time, until we a) ate till our bellies were full; or b) ran out of cash. Luckily for us, both happened at the same time.

When I first saw the lineup of trucks, I knew I had to get to El Gastronomo Vagabundo first. Their menu sounded incredible and once I heard about their homemade chocolate and tequila ice cream, I was sold.

{El Gastronomo Vagabundo‘s menu}

{Waiting for our food at El Gastronomo Vagabundo’s food truck}

We didn’t want to share the pollo loco taco so we each had one. When we went to order the drunken monkey, we overheard that they were running out of the ice cream! Thankfully we were the one of the last few orders left. We should’ve ordered two, haha. We also got their home brewed iced tea which I found tasty and refreshing but my mom was missing something sweet. I’m happy I got my own taco- the chicken was crispy and the flavours in the sour cream and hot sauce was really unexpected… fresh but not overpowering. A fantastic taco! But the most special thing was the drunken monkey. That ice cream was seriously incredible. You could taste a hint of tequila. Again, I wish we had ordered two.

{My mom enjoying her Pollo Loco Taco}

{Busters Sea Cove‘s menu}

The lobster rolls at Busters Sea Cove‘s food truck caught my mom’s eye so we ventured into their lineup next. I believe this food truck is one of Ontario’s newest and so I was excited to try it out.

While waiting for our roll, I couldn’t help but take a peek out between the trucks at the beautiful vineyards.

At $13 a pop, my mom and I decided we would share a roll. Even with sharing, the amount of fresh lobster they packed into that bun made sure we weren’t disappointed. Even thinking about that roll now makes me realize, I need more of that. Soon.
{Busters Sea Cove‘s Lobster Roll}
I figured you deserved to see a closeup of the amount of lobster that was in that roll. Even Vince was surprised when I showed him this pic!
We decided we’d take a break at this point to grab some AC inside. My mom caught sight of Suresh Doss who, if you don’t already know, is the main man behind Food Truck Eats (if you don’t know who he is, visit here for a great read). I’m glad she did because it gave me a chance to chat with him about how this event came to be with Peller Estates. When I mentioned this little blog, he said he knew about it. It was an awesome moment 🙂
En route to Niagara-on-the-lake earlier in the day, I was poking around Twitterverse and saw people mentioning the WTF burger from the Roaming Buffalo truck and how out-of-this-world it was. I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.
{Roaming Buffalo‘s menu}
When I saw that it had peanut butter in it, I was open to trying it out. My mom on the other hand, was less convinced. She would only try it if we shared. I was getting to the fill point so I knew we had to.
It was weird at first because you do get that taste of peanut butter which is really unexpected in a burger. But by the second bite, it ends up blending really well together with the meat which was juicy and had a bit of heat, and the “jam” which was a bit of smokey sweet. I would definitely get it again!We were debating about hitting up the Gourmet Bitches truck but at this point we were both getting full and running out of cash so we decided to save it for the next event.We couldn’t leave without taking some stuff to go, so we stopped by the Cupcake Diner’s truck. It was an adorable truck with a good variety of cupcake flavours.
We got red velvet and banana coconut for us, and the chocolate dulce du lece for Vince. You might be wondering why Vince wasn’t here with us, and you might have already guessed the answer….work. I actually felt some serious guilt for going to this event without him. I swear I would’ve kidnapped him from work if he let me!
We had such a fantastic time at the Food Truck Eats at Peller Estates Winery event. What a beautiful combination of street eats and wine, gorgeous weather, a great turn out, and a perfect partnership. We even showed Pellar some love by picking up a few bottles of wine before we left. It was a well-organized event, with a good variety of trucks, and a delicious selection of food! I’m already putting aside my sun hat for the next one 🙂
Aside from the cupcake, I couldn’t go home without something else for Vince so I did one last stop at the Shriners Creek truck for some gourmet kettle popcorn. 20120522-231922.jpgFor someone that normally does not care for popcorn at all, I was totally smitten for this popcorn which Vince almost devoured in one sitting. The popcorn was a great end to the day, and Vince got to enjoy a piece of it, too.