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Remember when I shared with you how dinners at our place can be extreme?

Here is another example of how our diet can reach opposite ends of the spectrum.

After doing an overnight work trip I was totally exhausted and while Vince was willing to make a healthy, affordable meal, I was craving burgers and sunshine. Vince suggested we finally check out a burger joint we’ve attempted to visit twice before (but they had been closed): Burgers Priest. Despite it being a teeny tiny bit of a jaunt from our place, we thought we would trek there anyway considering that we’ve only heard positive feedback from our friends.

So off we went and (as expected) we were greeted with a lineup at the door – typical for any weeknight but even more so for a gorgeous Friday evening.

Good food is always worth the wait, as is most things in life 🙂

Here’s what we ordered.

Vince got what he called a heart attack on a plate – chili cheese fries with a double cheeseburger.  I don’t think he intended for it to be this covered in cheese…especially since the poor guy is lactose intolerant…but it’s what he ordered and so he ate it all (blaming his huge appetite on the 3 hour workout he’d had earlier).  He would probably suggest that you either get the fries or the burger…not both in one sitting.  This is meal is definitely the antithesis of our 28 Day Challenge!

I wanted something more simple – a single cheeseburger with fries. And lets not forget a good ol’ fashioned chocolate milkshake.

It was really good – but it was (as you can probably tell) so much food. We definitely could’ve shared the fries. And Vince said he would do without the chili cheese fries next time.

After eating this, I was satisfied and wasn’t feeling guilty. I just craved fresh veggies.

Which led us to the opposite end of the food spectrum: raw kale veggie slaw with sesame miso dressing.  We actually made this salad twice last week after my blogger friend over at In Pursuit of More, posted this recipe.  I had been wanting to try kale for a while now (especially since I had already conquered quinoa – another “superfood”) but hadn’t come across any recipes that were worth trying.  But this one sounded interesting…that, and I had promised Shira I would give it a go 🙂  Shira’s recipes are always super healthy, and packed with flavour, so I knew this recipe wouldn’t fail me.

And as you may have guessed, it was a success!  Even Vince, who about 5 years ago would have never agreed to try kale, let alone a completely raw vegetable salad, thought it tasted amazing.  We had it with some grilled chicken on the side and topped it with avocado.  It was very filling and provided a nice balance to that Burgers Priest meal!  Sometimes you need a juicy burger, some fries and a milkshake and (more than) sometimes you need some grilled chicken and fresh raw veggies.

Do you ever feel the need to balance out your diet after overindulging on something that’s not quite good for your body?