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Last Friday, Vince and I joined my bestie, Ngan at the Royal Ontario Museum for their “Friday Night Live” events.

These events are going on every Friday this month and throughout June and have different themes each week. Last week happened to be fashion.

But we didn’t go for the fashion. We went for the food…obviously.

One of our favourite pop ups from The Next Food Truck Event, Fidel Gastro, was there. We promptly purchased our ROM bucks and after some quick photo ops, we made our way over to start filling our bellies with FG’s sammies.

We wanted to try both the Sloppy Joe and the Diablo Rightwing so we ordered one of each. Once again, we weren’t disappointed as both had very distinct flavour profiles with juicy meat. I’m a big fan of their buns and sauces, too!

And then we continued to act like it was a food event instead of a fashion one.

Jamie Kennedy was serving up some fries with sea salt and rosemary with some homemade aioli on top. The fries were crispy enough, and the aioli was tasty, but we didn’t think it was worth 5 bucks a pop.

When we figured we were full enough (and after we had a few libations) we then ventured off to start exploring the exhibits. I love visiting the ROM…it always makes me feel like a kid! I’ve been there quite a few times in the past handful of years and it just never gets boring. Whether I’m discovering something new, or the person I’m with is learning something new, it always proves to be such a rich experience.

And now let’s play…find Tammy!

The night was such a different and really fun way to experience the museum. They were obviously targeting people like us and went to great lengths to make it feel like an expensive night.

I’m a firm believer that anytime you add food, drink and music to any situation, it’s bound to be a success. We’ll definitely be back for another Friday night at the museum to enjoy more dinosaurs, mummies, music, and of course…the eats!

P.S. It also makes for an AMAZING date night, too 🙂