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20120506-213925.jpgSince I’ve started blogging, I keep getting more and more into the whole experience of being a WordPress blogger and getting to know the online community here. It’s been pretty fantastic – I’ve read some amazing blogs from interesting and talented writers the world over – but I have to say, blogging is slowly taking over my life! So lately, the only time that’s been the most convenient to blog is on my way to and from work…on the train, waiting on the subway platform, riding the streetcar…wherever it is that the TTC takes me. And it works! I get a lot accomplished during that time and its the creative outlet I need that buffs out all the noise and negative energy from people who can be so miserable when they commute. It also seriously passes the time during delays, which unfortunately is a regular occurrence with the TTC. But enough about that!20120506-214017.jpg20120506-214032.jpg

So I want to know WP bloggers (and non-WP bloggers) where do you press (a.k.a blog)? And when? Is it after the kids go to bed? Is it during your commute (like me)? Do you press at work? (I won’t tell!) or do you set aside some time at home, in your inspired workplace to delve into the blogging world?

And while we’re at it, why do you press (blog, that is)? I know I started as a newbie a couple of months ago to try and capture the food that my husband creates and what we eat together. Food is an important part of our lives. I also wanted to capture those moments that might get lost in our memory one day, like special dates we might have.

What I didn’t realize at the time that I started pressing, was how much I would love it. Not only writing, but reading all of your blogs. So this post is for you and I really do want to hear from you so don’t be shy!


{Reading all of your blogs!}