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When it comes to deciding between gelato or ice cream, we’d take gelato anyday.

The flavour in gelato is always more intense and therefore more prominent in each spoonful (or lick if you’re having it in a cone…I’m more of a cup gal myself). Ice cream on the other hand, is usually filled with a lot of cream and sugar, which IMO ends up masking the true flavour of strawberry, chocolate, coconut, mango, etc.

You might be an ice cream lover (like my dad, who will gladly eat it for dinner…with a fork if need be) and if you are, I get it. It’s nostalgic, its sweet. It might be these and other things for you.

But when I discovered gelato, I thought I’d been missing out my whole life. And I haven’t even been to Italy to try the real stuff yet!

How does the Chef weigh in in this? He also chooses gelato over ice cream but certainly would never turn down an ice cream and would run after an ice cream truck.
For both of us, gelato reigns supreme. But in the end he also appreciates the punch of flavour in his two to three scoops of gelato instead.

You might recall that during our 28 Day Challenge we were forced to walk by our favourite neighbourhood gelato place on one of the sunniest, warmest days of the year thus far. It was torture, and turned me into a 5 year old who didn’t get her candy. Well, we finally got our opportunity!

Here it is, our first gelato trip of the year!

Tell me, how can you decide between all these flavours?!  I want them all!!

These flavours in particular caught our eye that day:

This Chili Chocolate flavour I was really excited about trying because I kept missing it at each visit last summer.

We picked the perfect combinations…me, chili chocolate (which actually had a hint of heat) and mixed berry, and him nutella, crema, and a rich dark chocolate.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves…28 Day Challenge, what??

And now we have the rest of spring and summer to venture into all the flavours that they have…next up is coconut for me, and pistachio for Vince!

What are your thoughts on gelato?  Have you tried it before?  Do you still prefer ice cream?  Have you been to Italy to walk the streets of Rome, gelato in hand?

Until next post,

Chef’s Wife