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Sometimes homemade dinners at our place can look like this:{Pumpernickel cheddar grilled cheese}

When Vince is working, and I have to fend for myself, dinners that I cook are really like breakfast or lunch meals.  It can range from eggs, to cereal, to sandwiches, to quinoa (if I’m not alone in this, please do tell!).  This dinner came from a craving for grilled cheese dunked in tomato soup.  I also wanted to have it with some red pepper jelly (a concept introduced to me by my BFF, Ngan).  The side salad I threw in as a result of the guilt I was feeling for having such an indulgent dinner.  I couldn’t finish everything it was so much food but needless to say, the grilled cheese was first priority 😉

Now this is the other side of the extreme of dinners at our place when Vince cooks:

{Catfish and risotto}

This gorgeous plate is catfish topped with heirloom tomato and jalapeno salsa on a bed of creamy risotto with sun dried tomato coulis.  We wanted to create a special dinner for one of my cousins who we had over for dinner last night, and this was indeed very, very special.  The risotto was perfectly creamy, the catfish tender but meaty, and the fresh flavours of the coulis and the salsa pulled it all together.  It’s been a while since Vince has been able to cook a meal of this caliber at home (since he’s so rarely home early enough and/or he’s exhausted from cooking all day) but this one not only made my cousin feel special, it made me feel special, too!  We both agreed that we would pay big bucks to order this at a restaurant (and even then it probably wouldn’t have been as good).

This is how dinners at our place can be at the extreme: casual lunch-for-dinner-cooked-by-Tammy meals and fine-dining-worthy-dishes-created-and-executed-by-Vince.  It’s not to say that the dinner I made wasn’t good or satisfying (not that anyone else besides me could actually vouch for that), it’s that every once in a while, when Vince has the time and inspiration, this happens:

Its wonderful.

With love,

Chef’s Wife