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Do you ever have a time of the year where there is a cluster of birthdays that fall right around the same time?  We do, and it’s what I’ve referred to as birthday season.  Starting in mid-March and ending in mid-April we’ve got birthdays for a couple of close friends, our nephew, Vince, and then it ends with my mom.

Vince and I got a chance to celebrate, just the two of us, on the day of his birthday (which you can read about here), but usually birthday’s in our circle of friends and family aren’t just celebrated on the day of…they last for a week, or sometimes even a month!  Surely we can’t be the only one’s who do this…right?

Our nephew, Luke, was born two days before Vince’s birthday and so in recent years we’ve combined the two celebrations into one party for both our families.  Luke just turned 7 and we’re a very proud Tita and Tito (aunt and uncle in Tagalog)!  He’s such a smart, sweet, and loving boy and we’re so lucky to have him in our lives. Here is Tito Vince and Luke having some fun that night.

A couple of weeks before his birthday, Luke had asked me if I could arrange for a birthday cake that had a photo of him and Tito Vince on top….”pretty please” he added.  My mom and I worked really hard to find a bakery at the last minute that would do a photo cake for us.  Thankfully my mom was able to drop a pic off a few days before to Longo’s to snag a half slab of their Tuxedo Royale cake -layers of moist white, milk and dark chocolate cake and mousse, and chocolate shavings….I had this cake at my bridal shower and now it’s one of our favourite cakes!

As you can see, Luke was so excited when he saw this cake, which had a picture of the two of them from last year’s joint birthday party.

My mom celebrated her 50th birthday last year and Vince and I made sure it was going to be one to remember.  We had a big party for her closest friends and family, Vince made all the food, there were lots of drinks flowing (including some Irish Car-bombs) and all in a swanky hotel suite.  So this year, we decided to do something special, but not as over-the-top.  We took her to Terroni’s downtown (with my younger brother) and treated her to a delicious dinner! 

The menu was filled with so many interesting and delicious pastas and pizzas…it was really hard to choose!  But of everything we had, here are the winners for the evening:
Ravioli di Zio Paperone
homemade ravioli stuffed with duck confit, fig, roasted butternut squash, sauteed with oyster, button mushrooms and parmigiano

All my mom could say, when she was eating the ravioli was “oh, it’s so delicious” and “it’s the best ravioli I’ve ever tasted” (over and over again).

tomato, mozzarella, smoked scamorza, homemade spicy italian sausage

This was also the perfect combination of meat, cheese and sauce.  And I love their crust…it’s thin, and wood fired.  So yummy.  Thank goodness we were all willing to share our food so we could taste as many different things as possible.

No meal is complete without a nice bottle of red!

I love the look of their glass bottles.Terroni’s has many locations, but this one in particular is in a converted 19th century courthouse.  The ceilings are tall, and they’ve incorporated the courthouse/jail theme into their design.

Entry into the women’s washroom.

Dessert was an even harder choice to make…

Luckily they had my mom’s favourite…tiramisu!

My beautiful mom 🙂

We had a such a wonderful night filled with delicious food, celebrating my mom, sharing some laughs and of course, eating some great pizza and pasta over a bottle of wine.

Birthdays are always a big thing for us and my family.  I know that some people don’t like to make a big deal out their birthdays, but I think it’s always wonderful celebrating with those you love and care about…no matter how many or how long those celebrations go for, they always bring people together, and of course…there is always food involved (especially when it comes to Vince and I).

It might seem ridiculous, but my 30th birthday is coming up in July and we’re already planning!

With love,

Chef’s Wife