Sunday brunch is one thing that Vince and I both love. Especially the classics like eggs Benny, pancakes, french toast, and corned beef hash. But, as you may have already guessed, we certainly can’t eat any of these traditional brunch menu items with the 28 Day Challenge. So, when I made plans with my friend for brunch I knew I had to deviate from the usual and find a place that would fit within the parameters of the Challenge. We chose the Hogtown Vegan, which both of us had never been to but since she is gluten intolerant, and has a sister who is vegan and highly recommended it, we knew we had to try it.

On the advice of said sister, we decided to get there right when they opened at noon to save ourselves from the usual long lineups. After one look at the menu, I could see why this place would be vegan heaven.


The menu was filled with delicious sounding takes on southern classics like the pulled “unpork” sandwich, waffles served with tofu sausages, and even nachos with sunflower sour cream. But even with these menu items, which you would think my friend and I would have tons of options to choose from, many of their dishes (especially the fun ones) were not gluten-free. So we both settled on the tofu scramble, which was done with onion, red pepper and corn served with chili black beans and choice of fries or collard greens. 20120324-101304.jpg

As you can see, I chose the fries which amazingly is within the boundaries of the Challenge. While I always have ketchup with my fries, these were seasoned so well I didn’t even need ketchup (not that I could have it anyway since it has added sugar). Those fries made me feel like I was cheating, they were soooo good.

While it didn’t look appetizing when I showed that picture to Vince (nor me, admittedly) it was bursting with lots of flavours. They definitely did the tofu scramble well, too – it had the texture of scrambled eggs. And the portion was HUGE. Thankfully, we decided not to have an appetizer and while I wanted their dessert which included a gluten-free molten chocolate cake, it wasn’t sugar-free. Damn.

As we were waiting for the bill, my friend very sweetly jotted down some of her favourite gluten-free and generally vegetarian/vegan eateries across the city. I was grateful to know some of the options since trying to figure out where to eat under these restrictions can be daunting.


I’m looking forward to going back…get this…after the Challenge is over…just so I can try the pulled “unpork” sandwich with Ngan who was the one who had told me about the Hogtown Vegan in the first place. Unfortunately, my husband might be hard to convince but I’m hoping to sway him with the Tofu wings before the Challenge ends…its the closest thing he’ll get to chicken wings before April 2.

We’re 20 days in…only 8 DAYS LEFT! The end is near!

Hope you’re all having a fantastic weekend so far! If you have any favourite brunch places or dishes, please do share 🙂

With love,

Chef’s Wife