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So I was in the movie theatre, trying to be good and sticking to this 28 Day Challenge.  We bypass the popcorn, pop, candies, frozen yogurt and I’m thinking to myself, ‘yes, I can do this…I can watch a move and just drink water.’

We walk into the movie theatre, find our seats, and settle in.  Then, as I’m putting my phone away, my hand runs across something that feels familiar.  I pull it out, look at it, then quickly stuff it back into my purse.

Its a bag of my favourite movie snacks – plain M&Ms.

Slowly, very slowly, I peek into my purse just to make sure I saw what I think I saw.  Oh yes, its there.  Without even a second thought, I very discreetly tear open a small corner, unable to control myself since it feels like its been ages since I’ve had any chocolate at all.  And then I do it – I eat half the bag before Vince gets back from catching a quick bathroom break before the movie starts.  I’ve cheated…behind my husband’s back. And it felt so good.  Vince doesn’t even notice – he looks at me quizzically but doesn’t ask any questions – is he pretending like he doesn’t notice???  Hello!  I just ate half a bag of M&Ms!!  In ONE sitting of a 5 minute period!!

(Am I the only one who can’t resist these colourful mini bites of chocolate goodness?)


I’ve never done that.

And what movie is this anyway?  The Hunger Games?? But its not even out yet!

And then my alarm goes off and with massive relief I realize I never actually cheated – not on my husband, this 28 Day Challenge, all of our family and friends who are supporting us.   But I can still remember how the M&Ms tasted.  And it was damn good.