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Oh yes it does! Admittedly, the first four days of this 28 Day Challenge almost got the best of us. Especially Vince who’s eaten meat and chicken practically every day since he came to Canada from the Philippines when he was 8. For me, the biggest challenge has been not having my cup of steeped Tetley orange pekoe tea with milk and sugar in the mornings which I’ve had at least every morning since I was 12.

So what gave us an instant boost of semi-indulgence? That’s right…all-you-can-eat-sushi! The only thing we needed to think about was not having soya sauce (we brought our own bottle of Tamari which is gluten-free instead) and we couldn’t order anything with tempura or meat. That left us this:


For the sushi lovers out there, I’m sure you can appreciate this spread.  And who says we can’t have pizza?!  Sushi pizza, that is.


We had a very satisfying and full meal and for those couple of hours, this challenge didn’t seem so bad after all. Especially since we were joined by my BFF Ngan, who by the way, just started blogging on Running to Yoga – it’s her experience with training as a runner, becoming a yogi, hitting the gym and all the amazing food and drink in between. It’s fun and inspiring to read (she totally motivates me to stay fit) and you should totally check it out. Ngan’s a foodie like us, and on top of that she’s awesome.


This weekend was filled with amazing food and very supportive friends and family. I wish Vince hadn’t been working because he missed out on some delicious baked desserts with our friend Oana, and brunch today at a vegan restaurant. More to come on both of those in the next couple of posts.

Till then,
Chef’s Wife

P.S. We’re SIX days in and we haven’t caved yet!  Yea!