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Today has been the most challenging day so far of the 28 Day Challenge. Maybe it’s because the weather is so gloomy or that it was a busy workday but I was craving bread and the sweet stuff. I tried a raspberry and carob chips tea which was delicious but lets be real…its worlds away from digging into a cookie, muffin, or say a salted-caramel brownie from Dark Horse.  And who knew that breakfast would be the hardest?? Although I have to admit that gluten-free oatmeal with agave and fresh blueberries wasn’t really as bad as I thought.


I’m excited to be off from work tomorrow. Vince is off, too so we’re planning a date day with some lunch and a matinee. And in the evening I’ll be baking with my good friend from high school, the “Domestic Countess” as I’ve been calling her. She’s convinced we can bake something that fits within the Challenge parameters. I’m happy to experiment and see if we can, too! I’ll be sharing pics and recipes from our efforts.

Till then,
Chefs Wife