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Just as we were talking to you about how much we love food, two days later we decided to do something drastic. For the next 28 days we are not allowed to eat the following:

No meat/poultry
No dairy
No gluten
No coffee/black tea
No alcohol
No refined/artificial sugar

I know…insane right?! Especially considering that Vince and I both indulge in almost all of these on practically a daily basis. I can’t even remember the last time I went completely meatless for a day! To end my last day of indulgences, I savoured every last bite of this delicious Skor cheesecake with a gluten-free brownie crust, drizzled with caramel sauce made by my very talented friend, Helen. It was perfectly paired with my favorite Moonbean latte. Yummmm.

So you might be wondering, why would we do this to ourselves willingly, for 28 days (March 6th to April 2nd)? Especially considering that there are people in the world (including many of our friends) who have to eat like this on a regular basis. Well, there are a number of reasons. We are doing this 28 Day Challenge as our dare to raise funds for the Stephen Lewis Foundation, an organization that works with grassroots projects in sub-Saharan Africa that are working to turn the tide of HIV/AIDS. We’re also doing it because Vince entered a Biggest Loser Challenge at work and if he wins, he’s promised to donate half his winnings back to the Foundation. And lastly, we’ve always wanted to try a cleanse, and although this might seem extreme, we think it will be a great opportunity to try different foods and experiment with different recipes.

Case in point:


Red Lentil Thai Chili, recipe courtesy of the Post Punk Kitchen. My friend Ngan recommended this site and it’s awesome for vegan and gluten-free recipes. I’ll be visiting here often in the next 26 days. This chili was so yummy and comforting…just what I needed to kick off my first dinner on this challenge. And the creaminess of the low fat coconut milk made me feel like I was being naughty 😉  By the way, I cooked this, not Vince. It may have taken a while to chop everything but was worth all the effort. Especially when Vince, carnivore to the extreme, said he loved it.

Till next post,
Chef’s Wife