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Yesterday I got a glimpse into warmer weather…it was a balmy day for February in Toronto and on my break, I had a reprieve from the office to walk through Kensington Market and enjoy a latte with my co-worker – outside…on their patio.  Granted I was wearing my winter boots and jacket, but the sun was shining, and there was a warm, light breeze…it was lovely.  And it got me thinking about how much I love (and seriously miss) patio weather, and dining al fresco.

Vince and I invested in some patio furniture for our balcony last spring and one of the first things we did was fire up the bbq, grill whatever we could, and eat it outside.  As an alternative to grilled meat and veggies, Vince did some tilapia “en Papillote” – basically making a parchment packet of fish, fresh herbs, shallots, and (as we did last spring) asparagus – all in a lemon and white wine sauce (for instructions on how to create the packet, visit here).  With some sweet grilled corn on the side, lots of butter, and a bottle of white, it was a fresh, healthy, and fairly light meal.  Looking at these pictures we took then simultaneously transports me back to that evening, and makes me crave warm delicious weather, glorious sunshine, and enjoying a meal and some drinks with my husband on our balcony.

With love,

Chef’s Wife