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Last night was the birthday party for a friend of mine, Liz. Instead of having it at a bar, they decided to host it at their place. With some snacks, delicious birthday cakes (yes, there were TWO) lots of drinks, good (and chatty) friends that like to mingle, it was the recipe for a pretty awesome celebration! Unfortunately, Vince was working and missed out on all the fun.

It got me thinking about how much I love “house parties” – I love going to them and hosting them but I do think it takes certain people who can really host them well. And although it’s a lot more work than going to a club, bar or restaurant, I prefer intimate celebrations that are more laid back with a touch of elegance and class and thought put behind the food, drinks and music…isn’t that all you really need for a good party? With my 30th birthday (faster than I would like) approaching, it’s making me think about what kind of celebration I want to have to ring in the next decade of my life.

With love,

Chef’s Wife

So what do you prefer – a house party or going out to a bar for a celebration?