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Brunch in Toronto, at the good spots anyway, can involve long lineups, screaming children, and/or horrible service – especially if you like to sleep in and arrive with everyone else at 11:30am on a Sunday (not that we do that or anything).  At Chez Vince’s, however, there are no lineups and everything is served up fresh and delicious!

By the way, I didn’t come up with the name…friends of ours did who came to dine here 🙂  We had them over to celebrate a birthday and have Chef cook up some eggs benny.

There is no eggs benedict without hollandaise sauce, and while it split the first time around, Vince made it into the creamy tasty goodness it should be the second try.  He plated it with some good ol’ Canadian peameal bacon, and sauteed spinach on a toasted english muffin and then served it all up with some rosemary and thyme balsamic glazed home fries.

Needless to say, we had some satisfied customers.

Eating out with Vince can be a challenge sometimes – especially if its something he can easily make at home.  I remember (on more than one occasion) ordering eggs benny and him noting that the hollandaise tasted “store-bought” or “look, the sauce is splitting,”  or “it has too much vinegar.”   When it comes to this particular dish, he knows how he likes it and he certainly knows how to make it so my philosophy is to just make it at home where he’ll be satisfied.

The only downside is that he ends up being stuck in the kitchen cooking, instead of sitting down and having the meal served to him….Isn’t that why we go out to eat, anyway??  To not have to cook, to trust that it will be done right (since we’re paying for the meal), to be served and waited on, to satiate a craving, or to marvel at a piece of art that is then edible?

Just some food for thought…pun intended.

With love,

Chef’s Wife