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Remember that (expensive) prime rib I practically cried about at the grocery checkout?  Well, I take it back….I take it all back.  Why, you ask?  See for yourself:

And let me tell you that it was a tender, juicy, and flavourful piece of meat.  I know what you must be thinking…that’s a LOT of meat.  It was.  And I.ate.every.last.bite.   Especially since Vince made some sauteed asparagus, and rosemary/thyme roasted baby potatoes on the side.  A plate like this, according to Vince, would start at $30 at most restaurants.  We’ve already had two huge meals, and we still have the other half left to eat!

I *literally* ate my words.  And Vince had his very own “I told you so” moment.  I let him…because he deserved it.

Yesterday was our date day (the entire day) and we enjoyed spending time just lazing around together in the morning and afternoon, taking a walk in our neighbourhood, and then indulged in a bottle of vintage valpolicella and that delicious prime rib.

In fact, the whole day was indulgent – a day just for the two of us to reconnect and spend time in each other’s company.  While I missed seeing him on Valentine’s Day, yesterday totally made up for that.

With Love,

Chef’s Wife

P.S. Look where I found Vince in the bookstore…so predictable 😉