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Since its Valentine’s Day, and I’m sitting at home alone while Vince is at work, and since it wouldn’t have mattered if he was off tonight because I would have had class after work anyway, I thought I would share a little (almost) daily practice that we’ve incorporated into our lives in the past year and a bit, that always reminds me of the intimacy and love we share with each other (almost) every day of the year.

If we manage to be falling asleep together, we make tea (a newer thing for us, since Vince isn’t usually much of an herbal tea drinker), we sit up in bed together, and we read the daily essay from this book:

Each entry by Mark Nepo makes us reflect on, and/or be inspired by, our day.  It’s meant to be read in the morning, but since Vince and I rarely start the day together  (with him waking up often while I’m walking out the door for work) it makes most sense for us to read this together at night.  Often, the essay for that day will relate to some experience, or relationship, or joy, or struggle we’re having at that moment, either together or individually, and it always puts things in perspective.

Mostly though, at least for me, even if we don’t relate to what we’ve read that night, the fact that we take turns reading to each other while we sip on tea and cuddle in bed, makes it the most special time of the day.

With love,

Chef’s Wife


While I was editing this post, Vince walked in with a bouquet of flowers.  Now how sweet is that?!