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With Vince working the entire weekend, as opposed to last weekend when he was completely off, we had to make the most of finding some time to spend together.

So last week, my husband took me away from work for a bit for an impromptu lunch date.  I decided on dim sum (since who doesn’t like eating dim sum during the week), and we feasted on siu mai, shrimp in rice rolls, shrimp har gao, and many other little plates until our bellies were full.  He was shocked to see me order all the food, which I’ve gotten more familiar with since I started working in Chinatown and, lets face it, started eating dim sum on practically a weekly basis with work friends.  It was more like he was impressed with my ordering skills.  Before I headed back to the office, we grabbed a latte from nearby Kensington Market at my favourite place, and parted ways till the end of the day.

Then yesterday, before he started work, we both woke up a little earlier than we would normally have and headed out to meet my dad for brunch to celebrate his birthday.  Since my dad loves eggs benny, we had to find a place that included this on the menu, but was also close enough to Vince’s work so he could spend some extra time together with us.  We decided on Canteen, and in between eating, we looked at gorgeous photos from my dad’s recent trip sailing in the British Virgin Islands (I know, sounds amazing, right?!).  When Vince headed to work, my dad and I got a chance to spend some father/daughter time alone over a cup of tea.

Later in the day, some friends and I joined Vince at his part time gig where we had purchased tickets to watch the Giants and Patriots face off at the Superbowl.  The tickets included an all-you-can-eat buffet of chicken wings, pizza (including a potato and rosemary pizza that he made which was yummy), chilli, sliders, and a nacho bar – standard Superbowl fare.  And while Vince was working the whole time, the friends and I had fun chatting with him at the buffet, and it was sweet when him and I would catch us looking at one another for a quick smile.  Thankfully he finished working just before the game ended and got to enjoy the last minutes watching the Giants take the win with us together (much to my detriment, since I was cheering for the Patriots – another one of our “opposite” qualities).

Even though each time was brief, we found a way to sneak in a little time with each other (and those we love) on the days we were working opposite schedules.  It takes a little bit of extra effort and planning, and we don’t always plan ahead like this, but this past week we managed to make it happen.

With love,

Chef’s Wife

P.S. Since I’m still getting used to blogging, I completely forgot to snap some pics of all of our eating expeditions.  I think my camera (in addition to my iPhone standby) will be making its way into my bag each time I head out the door 🙂


On another side note, this post made me realize that we ate out so much last week and that its time to make some home cooked meals this week – or rather, have husband make them!