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About 10 years ago, after we had graduated form high school and had been dating for a year, my now husband (then boyfriend) asked me with the most serious tone if I would really be okay with being in a relationship with someone who cooked for a living.  He presented all the worst-case scenarios – him working late nights, not being able to book vacations, him missing out on daytime/evening events and family gatherings….basically working opposite schedules.  He wanted me to know that while he would be doing what he loved, he would be making lots of sacrifices to do it, and mainly at the expense of our time together.

Fast track to today, 11 years later, where yes we work opposite schedules (when I’m getting ready to sleep, he’s just getting home) but we’re happily married, and we’re more in love than we were when we had that conversation.  We’ve learned to embrace the ebb and flow of our daily lives, and truly cherish the time that we do find together, despite all the challenges that sometimes brings.

I start with this story as the first post of this blog,  because I know that our young family can’t be the only ones out there facing these challenges.  And even if you’re reading this because you know us, love us, or somehow happened upon this blog, our hope is that you somehow find a bit of yourself here – either that, or you’re curious as to what the chef might be cooking up (more on that in our next post!).

With love,

Chef’s Wife

Originally posted January 18, 2011