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A couple of weeks ago, on the last day of my two week ‘staycation,’ Chef and I headed to the Beast (www.thebeastrestaurant.com) for brunch after a number of people had recommended it to me.  The restaurant is in this converted house, so it feels really cozy.  But since you can only wait outside for a table (because there isn’t any space indoors to do so), it can be a little chilly when you arrive at 11:30am for brunch and the whole place is packed.  Thankfully we didn’t have to wait very long, and we were really looking forward to trying the Beasts take on comfort food using locally sourced ingredients.

Vince (yes I think its about time I start referring to my husband by his name instead of his profession) decided before we even arrived that he wanted to try the “poutine”  –  fried gnocchi with wild boar, creme fresh and cheese curds.  When it arrived, we just wanted to dig in so we missed out on snapping a pic beforehand.  The yummy factor was there but it wasn’t something I’d order again – next time we’re trying the maple bacon doughnuts ;p

And this is what we got for our mains:

Pictured on the top is what Vince got: the McBeast  – a buttermilk biscuit with a fried chicken thigh, pork sausage gravy, two poached eggs, pimento cheese, and rosemary potatoes.  He really loved it all but couldn’t care for the fried chicken, which we both thought was dry and lacked flavour.  The biscuits were fresh and the sausage gravy was delicious – not too salty.  The eggs were poached nicely (according to a chef).

I decided to get some savoury Challah french toast – topped with duck confit, creme fresh, crabapple jelly and a side of maple syrup.  While the duck was a tad bit on the dry side, the french toast was moist and perfect and it all worked together.  Even the maple syrup wasn’t too sweet.  I ate every last bite.

For sure we’ll be returning…maybe for dinner next time.  And if we have to wait for a table, we won’t necessarily take the first one that becomes available – especially if its right near the door in the middle of winter with a terrible draft.  Yes, we’ll wait for a better table, because we love elegant comfort food in a cozy setting with decent service and coffee served in a bodum coffee press with a timer- even if there is weird art on the wall.  And whether its brunch or dinner, I’m trying the sticky toffee pudding…I’ve heard its delectable!

With love,

Chef’s Wife